The story of startup guys who thought were riding a unicorn only to learn, later on, that they were riding a pig. 
The best way to compete with the social networks oligopoly is to put our public information onchain with NFTs to create a public social graph.
Imagine a world in which we all log in with our crypto wallets. Websites retrieve on-chain data to personalize our browsing experience. NFTs represent…
Billion Dollar Failure - Sustaining vs Disruptive Innovation - Power Law - Culture
Advisory Position - Compensation Benchmark - New Category - Information Business
Hiring - Vanity metrics - Next Hire Fallacy - Hiring Death Cycle - Headcount Ratio
Inflation - CPI Calculation - Governments Incentives - Money Printing
Inflation is theft - Money printing - Cash is trash - Bitcoin - Fix the money Fix the world
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Nicolas Bustamante